An Intern’s Perspective: Did I Choose the Right Major?

Author: Kyle Stelse
Major: WLC Business Major
Internship Company: Kingdom Workers

My initial reasoning for applying for an internship was to gain relevant professional accounting experience. Two years ago, my resume did not have any accounting experience and,

I realized it would be very hard to find a job once I graduated college.

Because of the encouragement of the college, I also knew that an internship was something that I should apply for. The business professors all insisted that getting an internship is an extremely helpful tool to kick-start my career.

To be honest, I really had no idea what being an intern would be like. None of my friends or family had any experience for me to ask about so I did not know what to expect. I knew that it probably would be different than any other job I ever had. It mattered a lot what my experience proved to be because that would influence whether or not I had selected the right major.


It turns out that having an internship was a very positive experience. When I first started, it was a challenging. During this time, I learned a lot and slowly became comfortable with my role. My favorite part of the internship was gradually gaining a deeper understanding of how a business operates. I had the opportunity to witness and be a part of business processes encompassing accounting and a variety of other areas. Specifically, my favorite moments while working at Kingdom Workers was when I was able to sit in on committee meetings. This gave me the opportunity to see the business as a whole.

I believe that this internship has done a great job of preparing me for my career. Although my new full-time job is at a smaller company with different processes, I am positive my experience at Kingdom Workers will prove beneficial.

The opportunity to get my hands on accounting work and be a part of everyday office life is exactly what my internship provided.

I also learned a lot about communication in a business setting, whether that be in person or over the computer, which is one of the most important takeaways I have from this internship. Although I don’t think that it is a necessity, I would definitely recommend internships to other students. The opportunities and lessons that you learn from them are important. Also the ability to work in your major field gives you the opportunity to see if it is something you are passionate about.


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