An Intern’s Perspective: Learning More About Yourself

Author: Andi Rupp
Major: WLC Psychology Major
Internship Company: Goodwill Industries

Experience is one of the best things to have under your belt when looking for a job, career or even entering grad school.

Experience not only looks good on a resume but it also makes you learn about yourself and your likes/dislikes.

Prior to my internship at Goodwill Industries, I had experience interning at a nursing home.  I truly enjoyed that experience but wanted to try a different environment and population.  I still enjoy working with the elderly but wanted to explore the possibilities of working with individuals with disabilities.  That is why I began interning with Goodwill Industries in their Supported Employment Program.

Going into my internship with Goodwill, I did not know what to expect.  Initially, I shadowed the job coaches and developers.  This gave me a good overview of the successes and challenges that come with working with individuals with disabilities.  While it was worthwhile observing the job coaches and developers, I wanted to get more hands-on experience.  My internship allowed be to assist with the preparation and organization of materials for special events, including Mock Interview Day, Selection Day and Project SEARCH.

I absolutely recommend students get internship or volunteer experience.  It builds your resume and allows you to figure out what you want to do with your life.  For me, I found that I absolutely love interacting with individuals with special needs.  Working at Goodwill Industries is definitely something I can see in my future.

My advice as an intern is to use your professional contacts as future career resources.

Not only do you figure things out about yourself but you also make professional connections.  I found out about each of my internships through people I knew.  I am extremely glad to have two internship experiences under my belt.  The internship experiences have helped me prepare for the real world and allowed me to learn more about myself every day.


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