An Intern’s Perspective: Collaborating, Working & Learning

Author: Mason McMullen
Major: WLC Digital Cinema and Media Major
Internship Company: Titan Building Company

As my internship comes to a close, I find myself reflecting upon the fun and stressful times that led to an overall great experience that prepared me for my professional career.


This internship was the first time I worked in an office environment.  Throughout my life I had mostly manual labor jobs.  It is a whole different game working inside.  Working in an office requires more focus and is different than I imagined.

You can learn all you want from a book but working with people in the real world is priceless.

This internship gave me experience with:

  1. collaborating with team members.
  2. working in a professional environment.
  3. learning how to plan ahead for deadlines.

Working closely with a supervisor and team, I had to learn how to work efficiently and quickly.  The biggest lesson was listening to a request and then quickly and accurately understanding/translating what is being asked.

Managing deadlines was a tough lesson as multiple deadlines overlapped causing time crunches.  After putting in a lot of hours to complete my work, I learned to manage my time, stay organized and follow a completion plan.  It was difficult at first but as time went on, the calendar became my best friend.

Overall the internship was a great experience and I learned a lot.  I recommend this internship to others because it threw me head first into the field which can be the fastest way to learn.


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