An Intern’s Perspective: Guiding Career Choices

Author: Sierra Tackett
Major: WLC Biochemistry Major
Internship Company: Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office

The purpose of this internship was to help guide my career choices as well as explore the field of medicine and expand my medical knowledge.  After assuming I would mainly file paperwork and possibly attend an autopsy once or twice, I was pleasantly surprised.  I ended up attending autopsies nearly every week!  This internship greatly expanded my knowledge of forensic science and pathology.


The favorite aspect of my internship was interacting with the medical examiners and autopsy technicians.  They provided me insight on the path of a medical examiner’s career and the steps I should take to further my career.  I appreciated the interaction with each case and found their notes on benign medical findings interesting.

This internship has provided me encouragement to continue my medical school pursuit.

I recommend this internship to anyone interested in anthropology, medicine or law enforcement.  It offers great perspective into what this community experiences through life and death and has led me to reflect upon my own beliefs, which is important for anyone entering the field.

Networking is important in finding an internship and the WLC faculty has been a fantastic resource.  I recommend anyone seeking an internship to start with their favorite faculty member and ask about opportunities.


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