An Intern’s Perspective: The Perfect Test-Drive

Author: Michael Day
Major: WLC Adult Accelerated Program
Internship Company: St. Camillus

Already being in the professional world, I was unsure what career I wanted to transition to after finishing my bachelors degree. After doing some research, I figured I would try an internship to “test-drive” a career and see if it would be a fit for me. Human Resources has always been an interest of mine, so I figured I would take an internship in HR.

An internship is the easiest way to learn more about a particular field without having the 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM commitment of a full-time job.

Initially, I thought my time at St Camillus would be just me taking notes and listening. To my surprise, it was a good balance of both. I participated in a variety of HR-related tasks.  The experience demonstrated to me that this is the area I want to specialize in. The best part of this internship was having freedom to chose what I wanted to learn about. I was able to ask questions at anytime if I didn’t understand something. I experienced many different aspects of HR in a short period of time. The people that I worked with were excellent. Everyone at St Camillus was very friendly to me and I felt welcomed right away.

This internship taught me to be prepared for anything. For example, you may be in a meeting when a serious situation pops up that you have to handle immediately. It also taught me to be confident and that if you make mistakes, it’s okay.

I would tell every student to try and get an internship. The experience is priceless and it will stay with you forever.

It was great to actually put to work the information that I’ve learned so far though my studies, especially the HR Management course.


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