An Intern’s Perspective: A Personal Drive for Success

Author: Corbin Graper
Major: WLC Business Major
Internship Company: WLC Brewhaus

I highly recommend internships to anyone who feels they have a drive for success and a need to feel accomplished. I began an internship at the WLC campus coffee shop called the Brewhaus because I fell in love with the job itself. Progressing from a Barista to Promotions Manager and now to Team Lead and Intern, I believe that this opportunity has inspired me to personally consider my talents and what I am passionate about.

Over the course of the semester, I have found great gratification in managing what really is a real-life small business setting. At first, I was unsure what to expect since my particular situation allowed me to design my own internship in a way that best suited me academically and professionally while also benefiting the business. However, I have found that I enhanced my management skills and refined my ever-developing skills as a communicator.

My favorite aspect from this internship, among many others, is that I have been able to define myself not only as a business man, but as a person who has truly found a job that is enjoyable.

Professionally, I have developed many skills that adhere not only to the coffee shop industry, but to any job that requires the basics of knowing how to motivate, communicate, and be an inspiring leader to others.

This internship has truly prepared me for the real world. Lord willing, I hope to someday open my own coffee, but if God has other plans in store for me, I will be able to proudly possess basic qualities that any professional industry will be happy to find in an individual.

I believe that internships are important in defining personal traits and talents that help in being a successful professional. It is crucial that anyone who plans to be a professional should understand what the expectations and standards are for that workplace.

Having the ability to “get your feet wet” in a field of interest outlands any explanation a book or lecture may say.

As a Marketing major, I have come to know that “knowing your audience” is key to being successful in giving them what they want and being the credible source you want to be. Being an intern in any field helps in getting to “know your audience” and define how you can help be a benefit to that company. It really is a rewarding experience that should not be overlooked.


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