Top 5 Reasons to Stop by the Career Development Office

175x225_JahnsHeadshotAuthor: Thad Jahns
Company: Wisconsin Lutheran College
Title: Career Development Director

Take a load off and enjoy a good cup of coffee.  No, you can’t get a large, half-caf, scalded almond milk latte, 4 pumps vanilla, 1 pump cinnamon, with an extra half-shot, sweetened with agave nectar, at 167 degrees, with room for cream.  We only offer a medium-roast in an air pot.  But we can promise the coffee will be hot, the chairs will be soft, and you may even see your favorite professor stopping by for a fill-up.  Stop by and stay awhile.  Just be sure to bring your own mug if you need your mid-morning caffeine fix—disposable cups aren’t available.

Get equipped for your career journey.  Whether you’re a first-year student trying to determine which major to choose, a sophomore beginning to explore internship options, a junior interested in researching graduate programs, or a senior counting down the days till graduation, we want to walk beside you as you navigate the journey.  Need to polish up your resume?  We’re here to help.  Want to practice your interview skills?  Stop by for a practice interview.  Career development is a lifelong journey, and it is never too early to take the first step.

Discover some great resources.  My grandpa—a carpenter who happened to be missing the tips of a couple of his fingers—taught me that the key to successfully completing any task is having the right tools at your disposal.  And we have tools!  Check out our well-stocked shelves of helpful resources on interviewing, writing admission essays, crafting a summary statement for your resume, and study tips for the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, and Praxis.  Create an account in our WLC Career Connect online career portal to search for internships and entry-level jobs.  You’ll see we have a great lineup of powerful tools awaiting you in the Career Development Office.  Safety glass are optional.

Make some good connections.  There’s a lot of truth to the statement, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”  And beginning to build a network of professionals in your area of interest can be one of the best investments you’ll make in your future.  But where do you start?  How can you begin making connections with people you don’t even know?  Not only do we know some people, but we also know people who know other people.  And those people know people, too.  That’s how a network works, and we can help you start making connections.  Whether it’s advice on creating a LinkedIn profile, connecting you to a mentor, or introducing you to one of our hundreds of helpful alums, your professional network starts here.

Meet our dynamic, fun-loving staff.  As fellow Warriors, we love this place.  And we love helping students discover their gifts and find their callings!  Our Director of Career Development, Thad Jahns (WLC ’92), has over 20 years of experience in assessment, career counseling, and career education.  With a strong background in marketing, event planning and project management, Sara Wierer (WLC ’02) heads up our internship program and manages our social media efforts.  Student workers Micah (Business) and Bethany (Nursing) keep things running smoothly, are here to greet you with a smile, and will be happy to point you in the right direction.  You’ll find us in the red-brick building with all the books.  Mom and Dad will be thrilled to know you’re on your way to launching a career.  After all, your old bedroom would make the perfect media center/home gym.

Stop by or schedule an appointment with us today!


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