An Intern’s Perspective: Gaining Experience is Critical

Author: Lee Johnson
Major: WLC Business Major
Internship Company: Northwestern Mutual

An internship for me was very desirable because going into the fields of finance and/or accounting, they highly stress and look to people who have had exposure and experience in the given field. A company like Northwestern Mutual is regarded as a top company in financial advising and an excellent addition to my resume. The experience I’ve had thus far has given me invaluable experience in the field of financial advising.

When I accepted the offer, I was unsure what the experience would be like but the training itself is Top 10 in the nation for internships and the people I’ve been working with are true professionals. They couldn’t be more helpful and have provided me with excellent guidance as I navigate through the rocky waters of a sales-based internship.

I highly recommend an internship to anyone studying finance and/or accounting and any major attempting to acquire a job post-graduation.

It is critical to show companies that you have made the effort to gain real-world experience.

I believe that with my experience at Northwestern Mutual, I have gained extensive knowledge in sales as well as financial planning and continue to receive encouragement that will hopefully lead to a full-time position. I am excited to continue this journey and look forward to building long-lasting relationships with my clients as I pursue financial consulting as a career.


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