Career Strategies for Students

Author: Sara Wierer
Company: Wisconsin Lutheran College
Title: Internship Program Manager

Explore Your Interests
Think about activities and hobbies you enjoy.  Consider how those interests could turn into a career.

Get Involved
Focus on getting involved in campus life and your surrounding community.  Expose yourself to diversity, leadership and volunteer opportunities.

Build Professional Skills
Take your classes seriously.  Build verbal and written communication skills.  Develop basic computer skills.  Communication and computer skills are essential to career success.

Students in Class (7)

Research Internships
Make a list of companies that interest you.  Do they have an internship program?  What is the application process for their internship program?

Create Your Resume
Draft a resume that includes your work and volunteer history, education and professional skills.  After you draft a resume, meet with the WLC Career Development team to edit and fine-tune it.

Talk to Your Career Development Team
Stop by or email us and we will talk through any questions you have.
We are here to help.  Contact Us.


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