Chick-fil-A Wants to Interview You at WLC

You heard right!  Chick-fil-A is coming to WLC to conduct interviews for their Spring 2016 Management and Marketing internships.  If you’re looking for a Spring 2016 internship, then this is an opportunity you can’t miss!  Submit your cover letter and resume to by Thursday, November 19th.


Interview Location:  WLC Campus
Interview Dates: Tuesday, November 24th and Tuesday, December 8th.

Management, Owner/Operator Internship
Familiarize yourself with the routines and traditions that come with owning a business.  While gaining knowledge of all employee roles, you will learn how to run and operate all aspects of the restaurant business.  You will work directly with the Owner/Operator that is responsible for the operation of the restaurant, invests time in his or her employees and teaches them important business skills for the future.

Marketing Internship
Working directly with the Owner/Operator and Marketing Director, you will:

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Execute a marketing plan
  • Track redemptions
  • Monitor effectiveness
  • Build relationships within the community via community events, distributing food and catering menus to local businesses, setting up cross-promotions, school programs and more
  • Set up in-store sampling program

How to Register for a 30-minute Interview
Submit your cover letter and resume to no later than Thursday, November 19, 2015.


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