What to Ask Before an Interview

Author: QPS Employment Group

We are looking forward to sharing regular blog contributions from QPS Employment Group!  Their insight is invaluable to you as you begin your internship and job searches.  Listen to them.  They are experts! – WLC Career Development

After months of job hunting, you’ve finally scored an interview.  Now you’re prepping to dazzle the interviewer and snag your dream job.  But before you head into that interview, there are a few questions your should absolutely ask yourself if you want to start off on the right track toward success.  Fortunately for you, our Interview Series has compiled those four questions in one place.


How well do I know myself?  An important part of preparing for an interview involves researching the employer you are interviewing with, but don’t forget to prepare answers to questions about yourself.  Those straight forward, yet undeniable tricky questions have a tendency to throw people off.

So be prepared to answer “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” or “Can you explain the gap in your resume?”

Ask a close friend or family member to run through some mock questions to help you prepare.

What should I wear?  To feel confident, you need to look confident.  It’s important to ensure you are well groomed and dressed in professional attire for your interview.  But have you considered what the colors you’ve selected to wear say about you?  A CareerBuilder study found the colors blue and black were most recommended by employers for job seekers.  Conversely, orange topped the list of the worst colors to wear, as it was most associated with someone who is unprofessional.  Think blue and black are boring?  Dress it up with sharp, appropriate accessories like a scarf, watch or necklace.

Where am I going?  There is nothing worse than showing up late to an interview because you got lost or due to a traffic jam.  Take time to plan out your route and leave cushion for traffic mishaps.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, take a test drive to the company a day or two before.

Making a good first impression starts with showing up on time, and being on time means arriving 15 minutes early.

What should I bring?  Besides your resume (of which you should always bring a few copies), be sure to ask if the position you’re interviewing for requires a portfolio, writing samples, or any collateral that will demonstrate your skills.  The employer will see that you are prepared and it will also help you stand out from your competition.  Interviewing, as with anything else, takes practice.  Proper preparation helps to alleviate pre-interview stress and will give you the confidence to impress any employer.

Read the original article via QPSemployment.com.


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