Do You Have a Mission?

Author: Dr. Tim Elmore,

A mission might be exactly what you are missing in your life.  Have you considered how having a focused mission could improve your day-to-day happiness at home, school and work?  Check out this article from and start thinking about your mission.  – WLC Career Development

Excerpt from
It’s important to be disciplined and work hard; it’s also important to love what you do.  Viewing an undesirable job as a way to fulfill a calling can lead to joy in whatever you do.

Let me ask you a personal question.  What was your attitude as you got up this morning?  Were you looking forward to your day?  If you work outside your home, were you excited to get to work?

According to every national survey I have read, from Gallup to Northwestern to Pew Research, most Americans don’t like their job…and they certainly don’t look forward to going to work on Mondays.  Many college grads I work with want to get a job, make lots of money, and retire by age 35.  What’s the implication?  They want to stop “work” so they can do something they want to do.

My question is: Why not get a job you don’t want to retire from?  How about working somewhere that you can use your God-given gifts and believe it matters?

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