Top 5 Winter Break Musts


Author: Sara Wierer
Company: Wisconsin Lutheran College
Title: Internship Program Manager

Like most students, you are hoping the winter break is a nice breather from the stress and studying that’s been engulfing you.  We hope so too!

As you are enjoying your time off, consider doing a little something that will benefit your professional development. These suggestions are so easy, you could even do them during holiday gatherings, Netflix binges and evenings with the family.

The Top 5 Winter Break Career Development Musts

5. Now that you’ve visited our blog, follow us!
Just sign up in the left side column on our homepage.

4. Practice your networking and interviewing skills any chance you get.
Practice makes perfect.

3. Pick out an interview outfit to bring back to campus.

2. Get your resume started (or fine-tuned).
Check out these excellent basic resume tips.

1. Relax.  Chill.  Kick your feet up.  Have a great time off!


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