An Intern’s Perspective: Making a Difference while Gaining Experience

Author: Roman Nino
Major: Psychology Major/Communications Minor
Internship Company: Ronald McDonald House Charities

As a Development Intern at the Ronald McDonalds House Charities of Eastern Wisconsin, I wanted to flourish in a professional work environment. The Ronald McDonald House is a well-represented nonprofit organization. Helping to unite the community, the House’s fundraising events include: golf tournaments, chef’s dinners and auctions. Money from each event helps keep the House doors open for guests who are struggling with a sick child which is why I enjoyed my position.  I processed all donations into the House’s nonprofit donor database program, thus helping to keep the facility open.

My initial thoughts before working at the house was that it was going to be a friendly, caring, loving and energetic environment because we employees where there to boost the guests’ morale. My predictions were correct, all the employees have amazing personalities that enable them to enjoy their work. Every time I worked, the environment was consistently high-energy and caring. If I was having a rough day because of school stress, it all went away when I walked through the doors because I knew I was making a difference in a family’s life.

My supervisor was great. He answered any questions I had with my work or about House operations and helped me learn valuable information about the role of the House development office. There are many examples of how this internship prepared me for the real world:

  1. I now have a grasp on how a successful nonprofit organization operates.
  2. I learned to navigate new computer programs quickly.
  3. I was exposed to appropriate professional behavior when interacting with co-workers in higher positions.
  4. I was given valuable career advice about job opportunities. My supervisor recommended I create a LinkedIn profile and showed me example profiles of current House staff; helping me to begin networking with professionals.
  5. I received a letter of recommendation and strengthened my resume by adding the Ronald McDonald House.

I highly recommend this internship to students who have a passion for helping people and are ready to put in 100% effort to represent WLC, leave a good long-lasting impression and gain valuable nonprofit and professional experience.


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