Help! I need an internship.

If you haven’t already found yourself an internship for this semester, it’s not too late.  Plenty of employers are still hiring and ready to give you the professional experience you need!


So you’re thinking, “Great! But how do I find an internship?”  Get your internship search started today by following these steps:

  1. Create a Career Connect profile and search for keyword: Internship.  On this job board, there are literally thousands of opportunities for WLC students.
  2. Check our Featured Opportunities page.  This page is updated regularly with new internship opportunities.  Keep watch, the perfect one for you may be featured!
  3. Ask around.  Your professors, friends, family and the Career Development team can all be a resource for potential opportunities.  Do not be afraid to ask!

To get you started, here are a few currently featured opportunities:


Company: M3 Insurance
Position: Business Insurance Internship Program
Summary: Grow your professional skills and increase your insurance acumen while being exposed to various roles within the industry.
To learn more and apply, click here.


Company: Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Position: Human Resources Intern
Summary: Join Briggs & Stratton for a challenging HR internship with projects that are critical to the company’s strategy and success.
To learn more and apply, click here.


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