An Intern’s Perspective: More Than Just a Resume Booster

Author: Sinais Alvarado
Major: Business Major
Internship Company: A Home for Mothers

One of the main reasons I decided to take an internship was to gain experience in the field of marketing.  I always thought an internship would look great on my resume and would help me get a job after finishing school.

I found out that internships do more than just make you look good and fill up space in your resume.

An internship can help a person acquire new knowledge.  It can also help by forcing someone to put to practice the knowledge he or she already holds.  In my opinion, an internship is an overall great experience and can be very important. I would definitely recommend all students to take internships in their field of study.  They are a great way to learn, acquire experience and practice.

When I first started looking for an internship, I was looking forward to learning new things while also putting my knowledge to the test.  I also looked forward to being of use and helping others.  I thought and hoped my experience would be valuable and useful for my future.  At the end of the day, the internship was even more than I expected.  I have learned a lot and, even though it was not an easy process, I would go through it again.  One of my favorite aspects of the internship was working with the staff; they were supportive and nice.  They were good at providing feedback and answering any questions that came up.  I enjoyed finding new ways to be creative, while also learning about the program.  I also liked that my tasks had a deadline which kept me busy, organized and on top of things.  I was happy to work for a program that helps others.

I believe the internship has prepared me for the future in many different aspects.  For example, when it comes to emailing my work and something comes up or goes wrong, it is important to communicate and do whatever possible to come up with a solution or alternative.  Also, it prepared me to not procrastinate and make excuses because there are people counting on you and your work.  I am now more organized and eager to continue to expand my marketing knowledge.  I found the experience to be valuable and I am grateful for the opportunity.


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