An Intern’s Perspective: Getting More Than You Expected

Author: Megan Reuter
Major: WLC Adult Accelerated Program, Business Management & Leadership
Internship Company: Wisconsin Lutheran College

I took an internship because I needed one credit and my advisor told me that I could do an internship as a Business Management & Leadership Senior Mentor. I thought this would be a good idea and I could offer my help and suggestions to others in WLC’s Adult Accelerated Program.

I was unsure what my experience would be like because I knew it was not a traditional style internship.  It turned out to be refreshing because now I am a part of something bigger than just my internship.  I am making a difference.

I am helping others and am working to improve the Adult Graduate program. My favorite aspect of the internship is that it is more than I expected. I started the internship with just needing one credit for my degree and now I get to be apart of helping others and improving the overall Adult Accelerated program.


The internship prepared me for the real world because it helped me see that helping others can come in many different forms and when you least expect it.

I also learned that it can be challenging when doing something unconventional but if you stick through it good things can come.

I absolutely recommend internships to other students because they offer a different style of learning. They are also an excellent way to get involved.


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