Career Fair: Top 3 Ways to Follow Up

You attended yesterday’s WorkForce career fair and met a handful of employers.  Now what?


Your work is not done!  If you want your career fair conversations to lead to a job, internship or professional connection, then you must follow up . . . no later than today.  Most employers will agree: following up helps you get the job.  No follow up = slim chances of getting the job or internship.

  1. Prioritize your opportunities.  Think about the employers you spoke with and create two lists: companies you want to work for, #1 being your first choice and companies with opportunities for you right now, #1 being the most promising.  At a minimum, you should follow up with the top 3 in each list.
  2. Send an email (or handwritten note if you prefer).  Thank the employer for taking time to speak with you yesterday.  Mention something you discussed with him/her.  Offer a new piece of information and then end with a call-to-action.  Keep the email short & sweet (3-4 sentences should suffice).  Don’t forget to include your name and phone number.
  3. Connect on LinkedIn.  Search for the employer(s) on LinkedIn and send a connection request.  Do not use the standard request text. Delete it and write your own.  For example: Thank you for speaking with me at the WorkForce Career Fair this week.  For future opportunities, I’d like keep in contact and connect with you on LinkedIn.

Here’s a great video (from University of Maryland) of employers telling you exactly what they want in a follow up:

There you go!  Take some time today to follow these steps and you just might make a long-lasting professional connection.  Good Luck!


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