An Intern’s Perspective: Preparing Yourself for Post-Graduation

Author: Nicholas Biancuzzo
Major: WLC Business Major
Internship Company: Winter, Kloman, Moter & Repp, S.C.

For three months, from January 12th – April 15th, I took on an internship at a company named Winter, Kloman, Moter, & Repp, S.C. (WKMR). There are a few different reasons I participated in this internship opportunity. The first reason is that it allowed me to gain “real-world” work experience. This is important because it can help me to be more confident in my abilities and it looks good on my resume. The second reason is that it acts as a foot in the door.

Before I started working, I believed that my experience would be one of many challenges but also one of excitement and learning. Now that I have completed the internship, my initial beliefs are confirmed. The job was both challenging and exciting and I learned many new concepts and facts. There was never a dull moment or lack of new information.

There are many things you can learn in the classroom, however, there are also many things you must actually experience in the workplace to fully grasp them.

I excelled in a couple different areas while working at WKMR. One area I excelled in was the area of endurance; there were many times that I was in a highly stressful environment, but I was able to overcome those difficult periods by taking each challenge on one step at a time. The second area I excelled in was the area of efficiency. While at first I was stumbling my way through each new situation, by the end of the internship I was doing things in a much more systematic and efficient way. The only way to accomplish this was through much practice and patience.

My favorite aspect of the internship was the professional atmosphere I was in at WKMR. The people I worked with treated me with respect and as an equal which really made the experience much more “real-world” to me.

I completed the internship on April 15th and at that point had worked nearly 600 hours in just about 12 weeks.

This professional experience, along with the longer hours I worked at WKMR has prepared for a post-graduation job.

I recommend that every student complete at least one internship while enrolled in a college. Personally, I have completed two internships and both have prepared me for the “real-world” of accounting in different ways. As I mentioned before, there are some things you can fully grasp only through the actual experience in the workplace. It is important to understand all aspects of your potential career so you are equipped and prepared for a post-graduation job.


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