An Intern’s Perspective: Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Author: Diane Gacgacao
Major: WLC Business Major
Internship Company: Telkonet

My experience at Telkonet has been educational. As a sales intern, I have been challenged to be more assertive, inquisitive and resourceful. I have become more comfortable asking questions or bringing up concerns. I’ve also learned how to increase productivity with my tasks. To make my day-to-day more efficient, I have learned how to utilize a variety of sources, including phone calls, LinkedIn, Google, and TripAdvisor.

Having another intern on my team has also helped me learn how to collaborate. He and the other employees of the company have been the best part of this internship. They are all very kind and enjoy the casual atmosphere while also working hard.

This internship has been just about what I imagined it to be. Every morning I go into the office with a little bit of anxiety. Although I have become less nervous with more experience, I still don’t have the luxury of being excited to tackle the most challenging parts of my role. Daily, I give myself a pep talk and pray I do not mess up.  I knew this internship would push me out of my comfort zone and so far I think I’ve been pushing back just as hard and having some success.

The intern team taking a

The intern team taking a “I hate taking pics” selfie.

I know in the real world I am going to be challenged and I see this experience as an opportunity for me to prepare for that. I wanted an internship because I wanted some work experience in the business world. I also did not want to completely write off sales without any experience. Even though I have confirmed I do not want to go into sales, I am still thankful for this internship.

All students should have an internship experience. Just as my supervisor said to me at the beginning of this experience, “Even if you come out of this and decide you don’t want to be in sales, you’ll learn something. I guarantee you, you’ll learn something.”

He’s right. I have learned step out of my comfort zone and face the challenges I’m presented with.


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