Coping with Interview Anxiety

Author: QPS Employment Group

Feeling anxious about a job interview is normal and interviewers understand.  They are not looking for perfection, however they do want to see how flexible and resilient you can be.  It is up to you to prove that you are capable of forging ahead despite your stress and anxiety.


To feel and look more confident, follow these tips:

Prepare with Research
Do your homework.  If you haven’t already, research the company.  Find out what they do, who the staff is and who the competitors are.  Knowing as much as you can about your prospective employer will help you tailor your answers and better respond to interview questions.  Make a list of questions to ask, write them down and bring them to the interview.  Review your notes the day before.

Conduct a Practice Interview
List common questions and draft your responses to them but do not memorize exact answers.  Instead, outline points that will make your answers flexible.  Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself.  Observe your posture, facial expressions, gestures and eye contact.  Practicing before the interview will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, both in your body language and your rehearsed responses.

Plan Ahead
Alleviate a bit of stress by planning ahead so you will have fewer details to fuss over the day of your interview.  Consider the location of the interview site, the travel time, what you will wear, what you should bring and how many printed resumes to bring.  Make plans to decrease the risk of something going wrong.

Read More Tips
If you find these tips helpful, there are six more listed here.  Take a look and apply them to your interview preparation.  It may not be possible to completely calm your interview nerves but try not to let your nerves hinder the interview.

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