An Intern’s Perspective: Physical Therapy in the Real World

Author:  Ashley Miller
Major: WLC Biology Major
Internship Company: Froedtert Sports Medicine

Prior to my internship, I was a part time physical therapy clinic employee.  The position did not give me the opportunity to closely observe the dynamics of a patient and a therapist.  I wanted to see what an appointment entailed and make sure physical therapy was truly the profession for me.  I found a physical therapy internship because I wanted real world, hands-on experience.  Working with Froedtert therapists and patients has truly been a blessing.


Surprisingly, my favorite aspect of the internship was when I worked as a rehab tech and helped a physical therapist with her balance and neurological patients.  Most of the patients were older, had difficulties keeping their balance and were prone to falling.  While working, the therapist would ask me to assist.  A few times, I was even able to play soccer, basketball and catch with the patients.  Helping patients achieve these every day tasks was incredibly rewarding.  From this experience, I found a real passion for patients with balance and neurological issues.  No patient is the same and each neurological case is different.  As a result, treatment is constantly changing and therapists are continually challenged.

After my internship experience, I definitely recommend internships to other students.  Not only does an internship offer you close observation of a potential profession but you are also able to learn directly from an experienced individual.  You will gain an abundant amount of valuable information and experience.


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