An Intern’s Perspective: Loving it

Author:  Sarah Beischel
Major:  WLC Business Major
Internship Company:  Make-A-Wish Wisconsin

This semester, I continued my Special Events, Make-A-Wish Wisconsin internship.  Back in August, I took the internship because I wanted to gain experience in the real world and figure out my career likes and dislikes and, in January, I decided to continue the internship because I love it (and, now I’m continuing into the summer!).


Initially, I was expecting a boring office job but I do so much more than I ever expected.  Even though there are typical tedious tasks, the overall duties and people are amazing!

My boss is one of the most helpful and caring people I’ve ever met.  She challenges me in my work but is never too far away to help.  Everyone else is also so welcoming and helpful.  I am never intimidated.

My main role is planning and executing all of Make-A-Wish’s signature events.  I like being able to do something different every day.  I also love going to the events and seeing all the hard work pay off.

This internship has prepared me for the real world in many ways:

  1. It has taught me to become more responsible, confident and outgoing.
  2. It has prepared me for the professional office environment.
  3. It helped me figure out that I would like to stay focused on a career in event planning.

By working at an internship, you will learn many things you cannot learn in a classroom.  I highly recommend an internship to students.  It will boost your confidence, knowledge and career focus.



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