An Intern’s Perspective: Just do it

Author: Jacob Henes
Major: Sport and Exercise Science
Internship Company: Bay Area Medical Center & Menominee High School

The summer of my internships was extremely busy.  I had two internships while trying to manage three other jobs.  This was the most difficult thing I have ever put myself through.  However, I would not trade the experiences for anything.  Even though I was constantly busy, I learned better time management and was able to complete everything required; all while making great friends and memories along the way.


I chose to complete two internships because I wanted to expose myself to the demands of the athletic training and coaching world.  Initially, I thought these experiences would be more of a shadowing gig but I actually had the opportunity to be in the field and work one-on-one with patients and players.  Being out in the field was an eye-opening experience for me!  I found that I enjoy athletic training and coaching work.  I also pinpointed areas that I need to improve upon and areas where I thrive.  The experiences taught me to be prepared for everything and that preparation takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.  I know these experiences will help me now and in the future.

My internship supervisors were impressed with my work and offered me an opportunity to join them anytime to help out!

Advice I offer to WLC students that may be considering an internship is to JUST DO IT!  At first, it may seem like a daunting task but once you are thrown into the mix, you will adjust and blend right in.  I also recommend students get the internship set up a few months before the start date.  I waited a little too long to get mine started and hit a few initial roadblocks.  It’s much easier to just avoid any setbacks and plan ahead.

I strongly encourage all students to complete an internship.  The experiences you gain are unlike anything you get from the classroom. This spring, I’m even hoping to complete another internship!

All-in-all, it was a busy summer but one of the best summers I ever had and, even though I gained a ton of experience, I realized there is still so much more to learn.


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