Applying & Preparing for Your Internship

Author: Robert Farrington,

Now that the Fall semester has begun, you are likely starting your new internship or still hunting for one!  Internships will offer you excellent insight into your future career.  Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a trial run on your dream (and sometimes not so dream) jobs.  Find out what you love now and be happier with your career later.  This article from offers guidance on finding your internship, nailing the interview and rocking day one as an intern.

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The Internship Search

The first step in securing an internship is to find ones that interest you.  This requires a combination of knowing yourself and knowing where to look.

  1. Knowing Yourself – You need to know what you’re interested in doing and where you want to put your skills & knowledge to work.  What are your hobbies?  What are you good at?
  2. Searching – You need to know where to look.  A great place to start is your college career center.  Many local businesses contact college career centers with potential openings.  Start your search there.  You can also look online.  There are many great internship sites like and
  3. Applying – Most companies treat hiring interns with the same level of dedication as they do when hiring full-time employees.  Make sure you craft an amazing resume that highlights your skills and why you’re a fit for the job.  Always include a cover letter that explains why the internship is a win for you and the employer.

The Interview

Many employers start with a phone screening and then move to in-person interviews.

  1. Phone Screening – Treat the phone interview just like you would an in-person interview.  Be sure to take the call in a quiet place while sitting upright and speaking clearly.  Your emotions will come through in the conversation.  Sounding dull or tired is a sure-fire way of eliminating yourself from further interviews.
  2. In-Person Interview – Prepare for the interview.  Research the company, print extra copies of your resume and write down a few preliminary questions to ask your interviewer.  Arrive 10 minutes early and be professionally dressed to impress.  You can never be overdressed for an interview.  Feel powerful by dressing powerful.
  3. Follow Up – Always follow up the same day as your interview.  Send thank you notes to everyone you spoke with and, clearly yet simply, reiterate how you are a great fit for the position.

The First Day

Treat your internship like it is a full-time job.  This is your time to truly learn, engage and give your best effort.  For many employers, top interns are offered full-time jobs immediately after graduation.  And, if your internship isn’t a great fit, it’s still an excellent resume and network builder.

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