An Intern’s Perspective: Disney Diary Part 1

Author: Sarah Joers
Major: Communicative Arts
Internship Company: Disney Corporation – College Program


If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

This happened to be true in terms of applying to a plethora of different internships.  Rejection is something that I have experienced on an increasing scale.

Many hours have been spent on filling out job applications, going to different interviews, and playing the waiting game.

Last winter, I applied for a position with the Disney Corporation through their college program.  After completing a web based interview, I eventually was informed that I would not be continuing in the hiring process.

One year later, I decided to give the process another shot, with little hope.  Just after completing the web based interview, I made it one step further than previously, scoring a phone based interview.  Shortly after, I was notified of my acceptance as a merchandising intern into the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  Not only that, but I was offered a position into their fall advantage program, with not only being able to learn and grow within a Fortune 100 Company for four months, but seven!

Perseverance is something that I have learned in terms of building value based experiences on my resume.  Every experience is a stepping stone in achieving your long term goals.

Dreams really do come true!  Sometimes you just have to have the patience and drive for an opportunity to come your way.

To read more about what Sarah is looking to get out of her Disney College Program experience, click here.


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