Calling All Entrepreneurial Students


Did you know the best way to land a job and jumpstart your career is through networking and internships?  Are you ready to network with great companies, collaborate with other students, and be part of something exciting and innovative in Milwaukee?  It’s time to learn about The Commons program!

Learn More About The Commons
(Pizza & beverages will be served!)
Thursday, September 8, 4:00 PM
WLC, Siebert Center

RegisterToday_WebButtonWhat is The Commons?
This isn’t a typical class project or internship.  The Commons brings together local businesses and college students to promote entrepreneurship and to introduce candidates to semester and year-long learning opportunities under the guidance of local professionals.  Learn more at

Which businesses are involved?
The Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, CASE, Kohl’s, Briggs & Stratton, Potowatami, and many more employers are a part of this exciting group!

How can you register?
To register for this event, click here.  This opportunity is open to all students, not just upper classman.  If you’re a talented and motivated student who’s ready to get out of the classroom and be placed directly in the middle of everything that’s awesome, innovative, and entrepreneurial, be sure to attend!

For additional information, contact Professor Eppen at 414.443.8830.


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