How to Land a Job with No Experience

Author: Coley Lane,

As a student, you’ve likely considered the difficulty of finding a fulltime job when you’ve only had random summer employment.  Or, maybe you started writing your resume and realized it’s super short and is basically just a listing of your education and classes. 

No worries!  There is something you can do now that will help develop your resume AND make it a little easier finding a fulltime job after graduation.  Actually, there are a few ‘somethings’ you can do and this article is a great compilation of all the ‘somethings’ – take a minute to read this, take notes and take action.

You’ve got this! – WLC Career Development

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When I was in college, I studied Business with an emphasis in Marketing and truthfully, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I chose my major based on all the things I knew that I didn’t want to do and eventually narrowed it down.  I figured getting a Business degree was general enough that I would figure it out later.  About half-way through my schooling, I realized how intense the job hunting scene would be after college and knew I needed to get experience while I was there . . . I think you’ll find these tips helpful for getting a job with little to no prior experience.

Apply for internships.  This is the main course on how I got where I am currently (as a Digital Content Coordinator for a non-profit) . . . It’s a great way to see what industry and type of job you’re interested in . . .

Here’s a secret: if you’re willing to put a lot of work in, you can get somewhere through internships.

Volunteer in related and unrelated fields.  The next best thing to interning is to volunteer.  There are abundant opportunities and it allows you to get something interesting on your resume . . .

Network.  Tell people you’re looking for a job.  You’ll be surprised by how often God sends what you want your way when you ask for it . . .

Find a mentor.  As a Business major, I was required to take an entrepreneur course . . . My group’s mentor was amazing and continued to be a mentor of mine past college.  He set me up with a few clients after college and gave me valuable career advice . . .


Start a blog.  If you want a job in a field you’re already passionate about, a blog is a great place to start . . . You have to build an audience, manage your time and create a brand . . . That is great experience that you can show off to future employers.

Take online classes.  I love that there are so many opportunities to learn what you want on the internet . . . Take a look at job postings for your ideal career and look into the skills required to work there.  From there, go take an online course to get yourself more talented . . .

Join school clubs.  If you’re in college, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities you have there . . .

there is typically a lot of networking opportunities through clubs and it’s a great way to explore your interests further.

Look on social media.  Stay on the lookout for career opportunities online.  Follow your favorite companies . . . and be on the lookout for when they shout out they’re looking for new hires . . . LinkedIn is a gem of a place to look for a job and to network . . .

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