Be Bold. Follow up.

So, you attended the WarriorConnect Internship Fair last night?  Guess what, your work isn’t done.  To make the most out of the fair, you should follow up this week with any employers that stood out to you.  But how?!


It’s simple.  You have three options.  For all options, be sure to close with a call-to-action.  Ask to set up a time to review your resume and further discuss the opportunity.  Be bold!

1. Email
The quickest, most common method of following up is via email.  Send an email to the contact(s) you made and solidify your interest in the company and internship opportunity.  Here’s an easy template to follow:


2. Phone Call
This method offers a more personalized approach. 9 times out of 10 you’ll be directed to voicemail.  But be prepared for the possibility of talking to the employer!

  • Voicemail:
    “Good Morning! This is (insert your name here).  Following up on our discussion at the WarriorConnect Internship Fair, I’d like to answer any additional questions you may have for me.  You can reach me at (insert your phone number here).  I look forward to hearing from you!”  Sidenote: Over the phone, always, always speak with a smile on your face and at a steady pace.  It’ll give your voicemail a naturally positive, upbeat and clear tone.

Oh no, they actually answered?  It’s ok.  Take a deep breath and be confident.  You’re already one step ahead of the students that did not follow up.  Go you!

  • Phone Conversation:
    “Good Morning!  This is (insert your name here).  We met last night at the WarriorConnect Internship Fair.  I spoke to you about (insert the internship job title here) internship and would like to answer any additional questions you have for me.”  Sidenote: The employer will lead the conversation from there.  Just don’t forget to express your interest in the role and ask about next steps.  Always ask about next steps!

3. Handwritten Note
This is an old school method but will definitely help you stand out above the crowd.  It takes a bit longer, so be sure to get them in the mail right away!  Follow the same general topic guidelines as the email.

Good luck with your follow up!


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