An Intern’s Perspective: Sports Marketing

Author: Rachel Milani
Major: Business Administration
Internship Company: ESPN Milwaukee

I took an internship to gain real-world experience in the marketing field.  I received a few offers but had no hesitation in choosing ESPN Milwaukee because I love sports and combining my career choice with my passion was a dream come true!


Before my internship started, I thought I’d be working hand-in-hand with teammates while shadowing various marketing processes and projects.  Once the internship started, I found my expectations accurate.  A typical day consisted of marketing tasks and various job shadowing opportunities.

The three things I loved about this internship were:

  1. Meeting New People
  2. Learning New Marketing Tools
  3. Working Events

Professional Contacts
There were eleven other interns and, just like the full-time employees, they were all kind, caring and helpful.  Even when teammates were swamped with work, they were always available to answer questions and offer advice.  Along this journey, I made several new friends and professional contacts!

Industry Tools
I had the opportunity to learn industry tools that promote the marketing process, specifically tools for creating media graphics and facilitating social media activity.  This exposure to marketing tools will greatly benefit me when I start a full-time marketing position.

Event Management
During the internship, I worked a number of events such as Summerfest, an annual golf outing and even a jalapeño eating contest.  Overall, working events was great because it exposed me to a variety of people and allowed me to learn first-hand how to professionally interact with others at a social event.

Valuable Learning
This was my first internship and it helped me see how marketing is used on a daily basis.  I was able to sit in on marketing meetings and observe how teammates from various divisions of the business can interact and brainstorm together.  For example, observing how production teams work with marketing teams to create a sales pitch is an experience I could never get in the classroom.  Of course, I don’t know all the ins and outs of marketing but this internship has given me valuable exposure to the types of processes used in a real business setting.

I recommend this internship to students.  All the people I met from ESPN Milwaukee were very helpful and made my experience great.  Production/broadcasting, sales and marketing are three of the bigger ESPN Milwaukee divisions and anyone interested in those fields will have a blast!


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