Companies at the Fair


As a registered student attendee, you will receive an email containing the list of companies that will be at the internship fair, what internships they are recruiting for and where their table will be located.  It’ll be in your best interest to use this list for:

  1. Researching which companies interest you
  2. Researching opportunities each company is offering
  3. Mapping out your approach for the day of the fair

To assure you have access to this critical internship fair success tool, register today.  Registration is now closed.

2016 Featured Sponsor: The Benefit Companies
If you’re an employer interested in a 2017 sponsorship, contact us!


The 2016 fair was sponsored by The Benefit Companies, a group of companies that have provided employee benefits and services for over 40 years.  TBC opportunities at the fair included Human Resources internships and a unique opportunity for upcoming grads: The INSIGHT Program.  The INSIGHT Program is geared towards helping recent college graduates find a home in the industry that meets their career aspirations and fits them best.  The program gives members the option to customize their career path.  This is a great opportunity for those who are ready to pursue a career but aren’t sure where to begin.

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