How to write an elevator pitch


An elevator pitch is how you introduce yourself professionally.  Every professional should have one and that means, as a budding professional, you should too.  Here’s how to get started creating your internship fair elevator pitch.

What To Talk About
Employers want to get a concise, clear understanding of what professional traits you excel at and why you are interested in their company/internship.

In your elevator pitch, you will:
1.  Introduce yourself
2.  Demonstrate your company knowledge and why you are interested in the internship
3.  Express what benefit you will bring to the company/internship (this is why they should hire you!)

How To Say It
This paragraph is a good starting point.  Once you can fill in these blanks, move on to tailoring them for the company/position you are interested in.  Remember to keep it conversational.  If it is uncomfortable to say, it’s uncomfortable to hear.  Give it a try!

“Good evening (or Hi!), my name is _(1)_ and I am a _(1)_ major.  I am interested in the _(job title)_ internship because _(2)_ . (Hand the employer your resume.)  Do you mind taking a look at my resume?  I’m an excellent candidate because _(3)_.”

After you get past the introduction, it’s time to move into the meat of your conversation.  Do you realize what’s great about the next part?  You’ve already introduced yourself so the employer will lead the conversation from here.  Just be engaged, friendly and confident!

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