Tips for Fair Success


Success at the internship fair is up to you.  Follow these basics and you’ll be well on your way!

Arrive early.  Show up before the rest of the students and you’ll get your pick of employers to speak to.  Not only that, but employers will be full of energy and ready to go!

Review the company list.  We give you the list of attending employers so you can make educated decisions on who you want to talk to.  You know what else you can do with that list?  Use it to research the companies beforehand.  Every employer will appreciate an informed student. Download & print the official list here.

Map out your approach.  Speaking of the list of attending employers, figure out your attack plan.  Who will you navigate to first?  Where are each of the company tables located?  If one table is full, which company will you approach instead?  It’ll greatly ease your nerves if you show up with a plan of attack.

Leave the gum and candy at home.  If you don’t want to be treated like a child, don’t act like one.  It’s time to practice your professionalism!

Resist the free stuff.  Do not hoard every free item offered.  Employers will notice your ‘extra baggage’ and may think you are not serious about the internship search.

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